Coaches Oasis - Life Long Learning

Every entrepreneur has a great story to tell about what triggered their idea to develop something new, create a new product or service, or just fulfilling a need that the market needed.

We have a story to share as well. It's not a tale that begins with once upon a time. However, there was an optimistic entrepreneur who was trying to find a hosted solution to handle multiple tasks and free up her time from administrative tasks to do the things a business owner must do.

It is no secret that many small business owners spend much time doing miscellaneous administrative tasks in the background, taking valuable time away from their creative side.

Coaches Oasis is a result of those aha moments to create something different to meet the need of busy entrepreneurs like writers, coaches, subject matter experts, or professionals to share their expertise with the audiences all over. Coaches Oasis portal, a software as a service is designed to handle common admins tasks, automate, provide security and privacy of your contents, accessible and secure.

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