How can Coaches Oasis help Coaches, Authors, Trainers, and SMEs?

How can I learn more about Coaches Oasis’ features and capabilities?

We have created an easy to navigate system keeping all audiences in mind. There are a few ways to learn more about Coaches Oasis. We periodically offer free training sessions, so you have a chance to see how easy Coaches Oasis is to learn and use.

Does Coaches Oasis will work on mobile devices?

Yes, Coaches Oasis is a Responsive Site and any mobile device (Mobile phone, iPad, Notebook etc.). You can Register or Login from your mobile device and access your Membership area from anywhere with an Internet connection.

What resources do you have available for a member to learn the functionality of this portal?

Coaches Oasis portal is designed with simplicity of navigation and is enriched with many features for you to delegate certain tasks to others, such as billing, social media management, graphic design, databases, email campaigns etc. As a subscribed member, you will have access to our training videos and scheduled on-line demo sessions to help you navigate through the Coaches’ Dashboard.

Do you provide Technical Support? How do I contact the support center? What type of support can I ask for?

Yes, we provide you with Technical Support if you are experiencing any issues with the site. You can contact our Technical Support Team via email. On our site, the ChatBot can direct you to find answers you may be looking for. There is 48 hours to 72 hours turn-around time for most inquiries. Team may be able to respond asap based on the queue. Out Tech support team will only help you with any connectivity issues or technical issues that you may be experiencing with Coaches Oasis site.

Costs, Benefits and Features

What are the costs for Coaches Oasis membership?

We have three levels of membership. You can find details of our membership packages here on our Join Us page.

How will this system help me to save time and administrative costs I incur?

Coaches Oasis is designed by a Technologist who is a Coach herself. All requirements of running a coaching business and automating as many tasks as possible have been carefully planned. We provide you with many features you can automate, and free up your precious time spent on administrative tasks.

How can I save time and costs for maintaining my private website?

Coaches Oasis provides a public facing hosted website on our portal and has scheduled technical maintenance in place without any cost to you. The hosted website is available for all membership levels if your member is active and in good standing.

I already have a website; do I still need another site hosted by Coaches Oasis?

Coaches Oasis provides a publicly facing hosted website and on your profile page you can add links to your own public site for added visibility. We also offer options to add more pages to meet your needs. In some cases where some customization may be required, we can work with you. There may be some additional costs involved based on the customization effort involved.

I do not have a website now. Will you help me create my site?

Yes, we will provide you with a fully hosted website where you can add your page contents, create your profile, add social media pages, and use the content library to upload your courses. Our memberships include many features to suit your coaching business and offer your courses online or via live events globally.

What level of effort is involved on my part to create my site on Coaches Oasis portal?

This depends on how many pages you will need to build for your personal site at Coaches Oasis portal. We provide you with banners, templates, forms, autoresponders, and built-in tools for automation of your administrative tasks. You will have access to our training videos, and scheduled on-line demo sessions, to help you navigate through the Coaches’ Dashboard.

What are the different Payment Gateways you integrate with?

We integrate with PCI Compliant Payment Processors and can assist you with PayPal,, Stripe. In case, if you prefer any other payment processors, you can set-up any processors of your choice. However, we will not be able to provide compliance guidance to our members for the platform they choose.

I am a Mac user, does your system work with Mac?

Yes, Coaches Oasis is Mac compatible.

I would like to enhance my site and services on the web. Do you help with SEO support?

We encourage you to take advantage of optimizing your web presence. Coaches Oasis Affiliate Partner provide SEO services. You can check their services offered at this page.

I want to offer a ‘Free Consultation’ session to my prospects. Can I book sessions

There are many calendaring tools available that vary in options and costs. If you currently are using a calendar tool you can use the same tool you are familiar with. You can provide a link of your calendar via email sent from the system to your prospects.

I want to offer discounts and coupons to my clients and prospects. Is there any feature for me to offer discounts?

The Coaches Oasis system provides an ability for the members to generate coupon codes to offer discounts or promotional offers to their prospects. This can be applied to a particular course, or you can have multiple ‘Coupons’ for different courses and campaigns.

I already have a website. Do I need your site? Is there a cost for me to build another website?

We provide you with a hosted site that you can use as a Landing Page. The site at our portal will have a personalized URL You can add the URL of your existing site at your landing page and keep both as you prefer. The site we provide is connected to the Coaches Oasis Dashboard, where you have all your perks, tools, and library of courses you add. There is no cost to build your landing page at Coaches Oasis. You will need to add your page contents on each Menu bar item you have. We provide some templates to choose from that you can just add contents to build pages.

I have diverse skills and offer programs to various audiences. Does your system give me options to create different profiles?

You are the best judge of your niches and your diverse skills. Based on your membership level you can offer multiple courses in the different expertise and niches you have. However, you can showcase your niches in your profile in your Landing page and link any external pages you already have.

When I decide to discontinue my membership, can I move my data and courses contents?

Your data, contents and course material that you have on Coaches Oasis is all your material, you can export and download any type of data you have in your dashboard including reports before canceling your membership. We do not have any restriction for you to export your data at any time during your active subscription. Upon canceling your membership, your account will be closed and become inactive. As an inactive account all contents will be automatically deleted.

Course Creation, Course Delivery and Social Connectivity

Can Coaches Oasis integrate with my social media accounts and public profiles?

Yes, coaches Oasis is fully integrated to add your social media pages, social profiles, and any hosted channels (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo)

Besides the Coaches Oasis membership system, what other services do you offer to your members, like help with social media, marketing, or PR?

Coaches Oasis is a one-stop shop for most of the front-end and back-end technical and administrative tasks to help you get started and automate your tasks and save you precious time. In addition, we have several tools that you can utilize as you grow at no additional cost (based on your membership level). Here are a few available to our members: ‘Sharing Wisdom’ Insider Monthly Coaching Group. We invite Experts and SMEs to share their talents with our audiences. Tools, Templates and Infographics to help you ‘focus’ on key areas of your offered programs. Affiliates Program featuring PR Media, Social Media, Virtual Admins, Graphic Design, Legal and Behavioral Consulting.

Do you provide options in your system to post blogs?

You can add links to your external blog site, YouTube channel, all major social media accounts, and Podcasts sites in your profile.

What type of memberships or subscription model can I offer to my clients?

We give you the control to choose a payment gateway of your choice. Based on your plan with the payment processor you choose, you can set up recurring payments, single payments, or multiple payments as suited to your services. Please contact us if we may be able to support integration of a payment gateway.

I offer courses and sessions to groups? Can we create a group of online classes?

We offer you options to create a number of courses based on membership level and add participants as many as you like in each group or session. You can offer live training (Examples: Via Zoom, FB Live, or any video conferencing tool) or can set up your course(s) in video format that prospects can buy online to complete it at their own pace. All can be managed from your dashboard. We offer you several tools, Library, and template to support you with building your course library with an easy to navigate dashboard.

Connectivity, Compliance, Accessibility and Data Privacy

Can I manage my list of leads, clients, and the entire database in your system?

Yes, you can store your contacts and leads in the system. Your database is secure and we use 256-bit encryption standards and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for member dashboard access. You can export your database as a .csv file any time you want.